Novocaine, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Well this is another day I didn’t want to be in front of the camera but I have nothing else, so here I am. Guess where I went today?

When the dentist came in I reminded her that she can’t give me one needle like she does everyone else, I’ll need to run a tab on Novocaine.

She said you’re funny. I said, no I’m dead serious and that  I didn’t need to feel my face until tomorrow, so please make sure you give me enough. And I sat in that chair like I was at the bar. All I had to do was raise my hand and that signaled: another shot, bartender.

I love that I can’t feel my top lip right now, but I did grease it up for this photograph. And nope, I can’t even say cheese.


8 thoughts on “Novocaine

  1. Hey your right hand is strenuously gripping your knee. Is that stress, pain or the remote for the camera?

    I hope the pain didn’t come back double when the Novocaine wore off.

    • V says:

      maybe that’s from the remote, good catch. or either it’s the stress of me trying to hold myself up. hehehe. i’m often in the above position, looking into the LCD screen trying to make sure i stand in the right spot for an in-focused picture. my engorged face seemed appropo considering the day’s events.

  2. Owie. I know people who don’t like the thought of Novocain and request pain only, please. Those people are nice, but they are idiots.

    I say, juice me up with whatever you got. And then triple the dose. I’m fine with numbness too.

    Cool pic! I liked the gripping hand, too.

    • V says:

      woman i’ve been thinking about you. what’s up. keep the door ajar, i’ll slide in in the cover of night.

      please, novocaine was great. what probably hurt the most was the darn dental assistant jamming that sucker instrument down my throat. she was stabbing it way too rough and too deep, uh hello. on the flip side, i think that instrument and i have a date on friday? WTH.

      yeah wine is a good numbing agent too. i suggested it and they laughed it off.

      keep the door open!

  3. OMG…this post is hysterical, Val!

    “another shot, bartender”


    I so know what you mean, because for all the million root canals I’ve had…I don’t want to feel a thing. And I don’t care how long it takes for the numbness to go away.

    GREAT photo!

    How the heck did you do that?


    • V says:

      hahahha, i had a lot of novocaine, i’m serious. i probably depleted their supply. when it felt good, i gave them a thumbs up and said thank you.

      root canals. lovely. my fault.

      dipped the photo in lightroom, used one of my favorite presets. i think this one is called edge. and yeah i was on it too. i’m on drugs right now and will get more later tonight. yes sir.

    • V says:

      I know, not my favorite place to go, but the worse is over. They had enough for me that day. Yummy novocaine.

      V Sent from my iPod Touch

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