V’s Monologue

V’s Monologue, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I have a humorous monologue floating around in my head and it’s driving me insane because I have nowhere to park it. So I decided to write some of it down today during my lunch hour and I’ll fill in the blanks later.

This photo is a combination of two horrible photos. I guess my focus was elsewhere today.


10 thoughts on “V’s Monologue

  1. I think you know about my obsession with being a twin. I wish I were a twin, always have, so when I see these pictures of you in duplicate it makes me happy.

    I’ll be interested in hearing what the conversation was like.

    • V says:

      I wish I could make you a twin. We don’t have any twins in my family, mr. has a twin sister, but that’s it. I couldn’t imagine having twins either. I see double enough.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when you share these incredible trick photography photos.

    They blow me away!

    (I also love the one of your in the glass jar)

    Can’t wait to hear your monologue.


    • V says:

      thanks ron. this was one technically off and not the best exposure. but eh? hmmm, share the monologue? man if i had my humor blog up, i would direct you to it pronto!

  3. “Horrible” photos–pish! They’ve created an intriguing & entertaining image, so how “horrible” could they be, really? Silly woman…

  4. Hi – I’m new here. Kathy of Junk Drawer sent me over. So I’m going to ask a stupid question: You mean this is not a real single photo? I can’t tell. Also? I like this photo, er, whatever you call it. What do you call it when you’ve changed a photo into something else? Is it still called a photo?

    I’m going to drive you up the wall with my silly inane questions and you’re probably going to go over and smack Kathy for sending me over here, aren’t you?

    • v says:

      Hello and welcome. Feel free to ask me anything, although I’ve been told I dance around questions and never give a straight answer. That’s the lawyer in me. Although I am not a lawyer, I decided to keep my common sense and just work for them. Now on to the good stuff….it’s actually 2 photos layered and merged together. Shots like this have to be done using a tripod. Two or however many clones wanted in the photo are taken, the background is then removed, leaving the clones. The clones are then dragged and layered on top of the original photo.

      I’m not sure what a photo is called when it’s changed into something else. Computer art, maybe.

      I don’t mind you asking and nope I won’t hit Kathy either. I’ll just remember to bring her some bacon.

      thanks for visiting.

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