T.G.I.F., originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


So it wasn’t the greatest week, time management wise, just couldn’t get it together. And that made me cranky.


Here’s one way I unwind. It’s also raining outside now, and I’m looking forward to some awesome sleep weather and rest. Night.


6 thoughts on “T.G.I.F.

  1. Yes…Mary Higgins Clark.

    Awesome mystery writer!

    I went through a period of ONLY reading her books. My favorites are “A Cry in the Night” and “A Stranger is Watching” – they gave me chills!

    I heard this weekend is going to be rainy and chilling, so this will be the perfect time to curl up with one of her books.

    Enjoy, my friend!


    P.S. great shot!

    • V says:

      she’s a nice writer, keeps it clean. right. i will, hopefully i will get a little reading done tonight and not play chess. buh.

  2. Now that I know you use a remote to take your picture (duh, but I’m slow on the uptake) I always want to figure out where it is. Is it in your left hand under your thumb which is hidden by the book?

    • V says:

      oh man, this could be fun. i feel like i’m your personal jester and my job is to keep you amused and looking for the remote within the picture. hmmm. i think i may have threw it either on my belly (behind the book) or underneath my leg there. i’m wearing those beat up pants right now and my tinker bell socks. hahahah. it’s chilly and i look forward to getting in the bed.

      the self timer gives me time to set up – 12 seconds – the remote says i have to have my *stuff* together in 2 seconds. i mean i could change it to fire in 12 seconds, but who has 12 seconds, i don’t.

      i was throwing it around after i pressed the button, but then, where’s the natural in 2 seconds?

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