Yellow Tulip

Yellow Tulip, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Be back.


14 thoughts on “Yellow Tulip

    • V says:

      now what would king solomon have done in this situation? let’s cut the tulip in half so the rightful owner steps forward and gives it to the other one. only then will i know its true owner. or you can have joint custody and nothing has to be cut in half. uh solomon, why didn’t you think of that, oh wise king?

      i’m in so much trouble. hi kathy! waves hello.

      • Ha! My suggestion? Give it to me because I’m still smarting from finding out that JD had a Barbie kitchen with an oven that could make a rotisserie chicken. I will never recover from that. Tulips are a nice consolation prize.

        • V says:

          well i’m giving it to you because you have a rebuttal. i respect a good debate and getting people to see things your way. your case is valid and i hereby strip jd of the yellow tulip award and bestow it upon kathleen maria frederick. that’s not your middle name, is it? we need to talk.

          i need to know names. mine? dorina

  1. Ok, why do I suddenly want to take off my shoes and tip-toe through a bed of tulips?


    BEAUTIFUL shot, Val! It’s so crystal clear. I wanna reach out and touch the soft petals.


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