Pittsburgh Panthers

Pittsburgh Panthers, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Nope, I don’t like football and don’t understand it. Picked up this football after a college game last year.

Went for a walk to the park after dinner and thought I’d shoot it. Why does saying I’m going to shoot something amuse me?


11 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Panthers

    • V says:

      let’s go saints! that’s football right? the people in pittsburgh love their football team, the steelers! everyone was dressed in steelers gear, even the pets.

  1. “Why does saying I’m going to shoot something amuse me?”


    Not a big fan of football either, but I’m lovin’ this shot. LOVE the blue!


    • V says:

      i’m really non-violent, so why it cracks me up to say i shot something, i don’t know. i think i love the double meaning.

  2. Holy crap, woman. If I ever get to meet you in person this spring or summer, bring your camera and show me how to use the damn thing. I would never get a shot like this. I love the blue, too!

    • V says:

      oh we’re gonna meet for sure. any earlier this year and i would have cried on your shoulder and depressed you to death! i have since stopped cutting off the world and i am emerging slowly from my cave. will be in touch, hold on, let me put your number in my phone now…….there i did it and sent you a text message. w00t!

      i did reach out to ron and meleah since they are in the area.

      • V says:

        oh and i faked the funk with that blue. for some reason my exposure was waaay off and i could not pull this one straight out of the camera. i had to do some color correction.

      • OMG, how awesome would that be?! You, Meleah and Ron?!?! Maybe my East Coast Meat Up will come true! (And yeah, it’s a Meat Up. We all have to bring bacon.)

        Got your text, but I never check my phone for that. I’m the only person in the world who really does use her phone for just emergencies.

        p.s. I can’t do color correction either. I have no patience for learning even the simplest programs. Which is why my camera hates me. I want it to take the perfect picture every time.

        • V says:

          yep, i already asked them and they said they were in. i’ll get some dates together and find something for us to do/meet. we can’t just sit around like old people eating pastries and coffee, or can we? and we’ll bring you some bacon. what’s your favorite. i picked up some bacon last week and it sucks donkey! it doesn’t fry right. haven’t tried to microwave it, yet, but i haven’t made bacon in days and i usually make it everyday.

          warm weather would be nice, then we could sweat you out 3lbs of bacon. i’ll have to check schedules too.

          okay, got my text. good. i only text because i don’t want to talk to people. i hate the phone. i’ll text for days, but i don’t like using my cell phone to make phone calls.

          night night.

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