Going Retro

Going Retro, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

Ebay can be a great place to find some vintage gear. I decided to do more film work and found an old Olympus 35mm camera up for auction. The even better news is, with my adapter, I can share the old lenses with my digital camera. I don’t miss having to pay to have film processed, but I miss using a 35mm.


12 thoughts on “Going Retro

  1. Hold up, sister. How did you take this so that the word Olympus is not backwards as it would be in the mirror? Did you shoot it remotely with your digital camera so it was head on and then make it retro in Photoshop?

    I have to know the details.

    And don’t you look snappy in a baseball hat with the correct curve of the bill.

    • V says:

      you ask hard questions. i just held the camera up to my face and pressed the remote shutter. (i had the remote on my head just for you, but it fell off. it’s in my left hand, btw). is it supposed to be backward? there was no flipping in PS, but I did change the color in there and threw in some grain for good measure. what does that mean?

      that cap is my best friend. my hair is a rats nest! i wear it on the weekend religiously like it’s a yarmulke. amen.

    • V says:

      Om2N. just got it last week. Taking photos with it daily. I should be done with a roll by next week. Haven’t seen any prints from it yet, but people tell me it’s a good camera. i’m excited about it.

  2. Looking forward to seeing them.
    The OM1 is a lovely camera, manual. It just feels nice. Om2 is the automatic isn’t it?
    I’m using a point and squirt Olympus digital at the mo’ but hoping to upgrade. 🙂

    • V says:

      So far I like it. Actually is manual and automatic. I can set both shutter and aperture speeds or nothing. I’ll be posting some pictures taken with it soon.

  3. When I got mine the OM-2 was out of my budget! I liked the way the Olympus handled compared to the Pentax ME(?) and Canon sonething.
    AAh, I’m getting all nostalgic! you can see some of my point and squirt results on my page. Do visit!

    • V says:

      I don’t know ANYTHING about any OM camera. I first thought it was just aperture priority, but there is a shutter ring on the camera and a switch for manual and automatic. There’s also another button I have no idea what it’s for. I have to read the manual. The stupid self timer though is in the wrong place. I activated it twice with my finger. Will visit…

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