Maroon, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Took this while enjoying a scenic view of NYC at lunch time. Not too focused on photography :). Have a happy!


6 thoughts on “Maroon

  1. Hey, will this be a new series? The titles are colors and then you find that color in nature? I like that and may I suggest a color? Yes I may.

    Fuchsia and chartreuse.

    I’m looking for one photo that’s fuchsia and I can already think of one plant that flowers for about two weeks and then the bright fuchsia petals fall off never to be seen again til the following year. Punk plant.

    And I believe chartreuse can be found in another common plant but I’m not telling you which one. This needs to be a challenge, gingah.

    I know you’re up to the challenge.

    HEY! Just so you know the rules: you cannot go to a nursery to photograph these plants. You have to find them out and about in a neighbor’s yard, at the park, etc. Okay?


    • V says:

      no, i hadn’t really thought about a color series, i was just being lazy, but let me see if i can give the next few photos colored names.

      Fuchsia and chartreuse. you are so fancy!

      of course i’m up to the challenge, but i doubt if i could scramble around the next few days to fulfill it, but i will find your colors. eventually.

      a nursery would not let me in, i doubt it. i already have a photo of the common plant on my hard drive. i will print it out and start showing it to people asking: have you seen this plant.

      yes i will play with you, race ya to the monkey bars.

  2. Hey, I LOVE Cardiogirls suggestion about having a color theme series – that is SOOOO COOL!

    Great shot, Val!

    Ooooo….a scenic view of NYC! I LOVE that city!!!


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