Green, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I ate lunch here today, not far from my job. I thought I had a SOOC, but upon arriving home and viewing the image on the computer, it needed some adjustment. Post processing is not my friend. 🙂

And my Internet connection has been a little spotty and it’s running like dial up. Thank you Comcast.


5 thoughts on “Green

  1. HA! Everyone I know who has Comcast says the same thing!!

    But listen, girl….this photo is the BOMB!

    It literally looks like something out of a dream. And the TREE!!!! Well…surreal.

    Brava on this photo!


    • V says:

      i tried to make it look as i saw it, but the sun was messing with me and my meter. not the best post processing, but will do.


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