Central Park West

Central Park West, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


Hopped a train, or two, and walked around Central Park West today. Going to NY is always fun, even if it’s just to people watch. It’s always worth the trip. Obviously, this is a fake HDR.


6 thoughts on “Central Park West

  1. Ok…I give you SIX stars for this one!

    OH. MY. GOD.

    What a faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous shot! It truly captures the energy of NYC.

    And of course, you KNOW how much I LOVE NYC, so this photo really got to me.

    Anytime you ever want to go into NYC together for the day, let me know. I’m there!


  2. Hi Val!

    Just wanted you to know I stopped over at Flickr to view the other shots you took.

    BRAVA!!!!! Outstanding!!!

    The one you took in the subway was freakin’ AMAZING!

    You are sooooooo talented, girl!


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