I’m Tired


I’m pooped and can’t wait to go to bed. I’m multi-tasking here, taking a rest and my picture of the day. It was the best my lazy butt could do.


8 thoughts on “I’m Tired

  1. Me too, Val!

    I had such a LONG and EXHAUSTING week at work. I’m pooped!

    Thank god, I have tomorrow off….yipeee!

    Great shot! That couch looks sooooo comfy!


    • V says:

      Ron, I’m hurting to death. I am even too tired to cry about it. We did a lot of walking on Saturday and my back is pissed! You have today off, oh man. I want to stay home too. Call my employer, tell them I said hi, but I’m in a coma and won’t be able to make it in today. I’ll be in tomorrow.

  2. That was so me yesterday. I wish it was me today as well. I really don’t feel like going to work today. Rainy Monday mornings always get me down.

    • V says:

      Let’s call out from work today. First, it is raining and when translated it means: keep your butt in the bed. I don’t see the point of going outside in the rain, really. Second, I’m still tired and my back aches. Guess I better take some Advil, eh? Try to have a good day, despite the weather.

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