Park Bench


This is where I’ll be sleeping if I buy one more camera or one more photographic accessory.

The bench was kind of comfortable and the only thing missing is a beggar’s cup. Now I know why the term starving artist was coined.

Btw, laying on the grass, in the park, looking up at the sky is one of my favorite ways to relax outside.


3 thoughts on “Park Bench

  1. That’s cool! I love those b&w photos that have just one item in color. Nice cropping job by the way, it’s hard to get it just perfect and it looks like that’s what you did.

    Got a new challenge for you. Use that same technique in reverse. Your subject becomes b&w and the rest is in color. And it has to look cool, not just a photo of a merry-go-round that’s b&w with the background in color. Although that does sound sort of cool.

    Okay, if you can find a merry-go-round make the picture happen, V!

    • V says:

      thanks. fortunately, since i don’t have a full frame digital, i do my cropping in camera. meaning i always frame it as is when i take the picture and don’t have to crop it in a software program. unless i just couldn’t get the shot and have too much space or want to the image to appear larger. like the swings photo. that mother is cropped to death. such a waste of megapixel.

      i got mud on my shoe tiptoeing to that stupid bench. i guess that’s my purple heart of the day.

      challenge! funny you should say, i was going to reverse it and make the background in color and me in black and white. okay i’ll see what i can do, i still have to get that poetry shot done and – hey there’s the moon – the other color photo.

      oh i know where there’s a merry-go-round. making it look cool is another story.

  2. Feaking LOVE the mix of black and white with color!!!

    Ooooo…great idea, looking forward to seeing the reverse!

    I too enjoy laying in the grass, in the park, looking up at the sky!


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