Just Poppin’ In


I won’t be able to upload until Monday. I’m just popping in to say hello. Lame photo, sorry. This was a little quickie before work this morning. Have a great weekend.


8 thoughts on “Just Poppin’ In

  1. “Lame photo” my arse…That lovely woman’s my blog-friend!

    Sorry for my recent absence, btw. Nothing but problems with my brand new, WinBLOWS 7 computer. šŸ˜¦ Still trying to get things working normally.

    • V says:

      it really was a quickie, anything before work, usually is. busy friday and weekend.

      no worries, we know how to find each other. dare i say switch to apple. i’m too loyal, why, to PC to make the switch. although peeps say it’s a much better platform. i won’t go there.

      see ya soon!

  2. That body language TOTALLY matches the words. That *is* the visual pop in. Now you know I have to ask — and I’ll gladly wait til Monday for the answer — what’s with the red velvet Christmas bow under the window?

    And don’t try telling me it goes with the red and white decor and it isn’t for Christmas.

    • V says:

      if only you could have seen the running around that morning. i had just a minute to clean myself up, like a cat cleaning its fur, i licked some things and jump in front of the camera and ran.

      however, my observant friend, i did not have time to clean up the crime scene. that bow is gift from one of my boss’s clients. they send me one every year around the holiday time, can’t remember which one and we chow down on cookies, chocolate and nuts. one time they sent FRUIT. hello? i guess they also sent a listening device as well because the following year, they went back to chocolate.

      it really doesn’t match and i’m going to take it down right now. i wonder if it’ll be missed. that other thing is the kid’s candy. something called toxic waste. sour then sweet.

      it’s cold in here.

  3. I say leave the Christmas bow!

    I LOVED it in the shot!

    That way you’ll have a bit of holiday everyday!

    Hope you had a great weekend, Val!


  4. Ironically, I keep SAYING I’m going to switch to Apple, but then it never actually happens. There’s something psychological going on there, I think. Something about the human resistance to change. šŸ˜¦

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