Inmate No 123456789


Well now I know why no one smiles for their mug shot photo. Obviously they were at a party and was dragged down to the police station to answer a few questions only never to return. I would be mad too. Why do mug shots look like the person in the photo was mugged?

And yes I’m an embarrassment to my family. So what! I wake up dressed like this, they should be used to it by now.

8 thoughts on “Inmate No 123456789

  1. Alright, the height chart back there looks like it’s maybe trying to give you an extra inch or so. Or is your hair poofed up to get you to 6 feet? Man, one day I want to stand next to you with my spine stretched as high as it will go just to see the height difference.

    And I will bring hair gel to get a four-inch beehive going on my head.

    • V says:

      i just wanted to show the numbers, not my height accurately, so it’s not a true 6ft. chart. nothing was measured. i don’t have a lot of hair, so i can’t really use it to bump up my height. that’s bed hair. the bed does not respect my hair, but i actually fixed it that way just for the photo.

      and that hair, OMG, the whole picture is ‘dup, did i get that right? but it’s so perfect for a mug shot and a book cover. no way someone will walk by that ‘dup picture and not be curious.

      very scary, look away, look away. i’m grotesque.

      and cut!

  2. “Why do mug shots look like the person in the photo was mugged?”

    Bwhahahahahahahahaha….OMG, that’s SO TRUE, Val!!!!

    What a flawless shot, this is!

    LOVE the scrabble!


    • V says:

      ron, i’m going to print two copies of this photo and carry them in my wallet. when i get picked up for indecent exposure, i’m going to tell them down at the station, don’t bother with a mug shot i have one in my bag.

      and when i’m asked to audition for whatever, when they say go, i’m going to drop this photo on the table and stand there. they will say what happened to the audition and i’ll say that was it. hahahhahahaha. they’ll ask me to leave, but seriously, i’m so in character i wanna give myself an emmy. photo is tore up. sigh.

    • V says:

      the lei is crazy. so is the person in the photo and it such a horrible but great mug shot. it’s a mess, but it cracks me up. fortunately, i’m not too vain and don’t mind looking a hot mess all in the name of comedy. 🙂

    • V says:

      C R A Z Y. i do love that photo because it’s so messed up. it’s exactly what a mug shot should look like. tore up, from the floor up.

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