I thought meditation was supposed to be peaceful and reflective.  It wasn’t, my legs were screaming for me to get up.

6 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. AWESOME shot, Val!

    I LOVE the golden light reflecting off your skin, against the black background.

    Just beautiful!

    I so totally know what you mean about your legs screaming, because sometimes mine do the same thing – OY VEY!!?*#!

    Have a super weekend, girl!


    • V says:

      Thanks Ron. My day shot did not work out, so I had to do something else. Man crossing my legs hurt like a mother. Must get back in the gym next week and work on stretching.

      Have a great one too.

      V Sent from my iPod Touch

  2. If I didn’t hear the back story I would have guessed you were gettin’ your yoga on while hanging in your happy place. I just realized that I’ve updated my happy place.

    It used to be hanging out in a meadow of wildflowers with my cat Clive. But now it’s sitting on the beach with sun and sand. Alone.

    • V says:

      Yoga is hard and it hurts. My happy place would be far from contorting my body in such a manner, all in the name of mental discipline. Although I could probably use a lot of mental discipline.

      Anyhoo, I like your happy place a lot, you mind moving over? I promise I won’t talk to you. Don’t you just love when you can be with someone and don’t feel the need to talk. And I’m about to ramble so I’ma shut up.

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