Laid Back


Not much of a photo today, my back has been hurting since yesterday so I’m taking it easy here as I watch my favorite show.

Actually, if you want to know how I really feel here’s a link to my alternate.


13 thoughts on “Laid Back

  1. OMG, Val….I clicked over on your photo link and CRACKED UP LAUGHING!


    That was priceless!

    Hope your back is feeling better tonight.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!


    • V says:

      well i was on the floor anyway, decided to make it interesting.

      stupid back has been temperamental this week, need to do some stretching. hope you have a great weekend as well.

  2. Hope you feel better. I overdid it myself, trying to churn out a painting in just a couple of days. Too much time sitting hunched over. Blarg.

    • V says:

      well i’m still popping advil as we speak, but the pain has lessened. yikes, i hope you are okay as well. look forward to seeing your painting if you post it. your paintings from your photographs are excellent.

    • V says:

      hey frances. i think, no i’m sure, the trip to the chiro made things worse. after he cracked my back on one side, i said, “that’s it, that’s all you got” (there was no sound.) if he has to crack my back, i want to hear some poppin. so when he did the other side i heard a lot of poppin, then he cracked my neck and i always have a minor headache after that, but USUALLY, i end up feeling better. not so this time.

      yes, i may go to the gym to do some stretching today or maybe i can just do it here.

      take care!

  3. Did you need an assistant to set up the other shot? (Don’t want to spoil it for the other potential clickers.) Because it seems like it would be hard to set up the, um, background if you know what I mean.

    p.s. What is Jeopardy.

    The prologue being:

    “Bloggers for $200 Alex.”

    “Valerie’s favorite show. The one that can make her forget about her back pain for 22 minutes.”

    (smashes the buzzer with her thumb a couple of times because the effer won’t catch and then finally rings in)

    “Cardiogirl has rung in with the answer.”

    See above for the answer.

    • V says:

      funny, i was going to *ask* for help, but in keeping with my one woman show theme, i did not. although unsolicited advice was given.

      besides desperate housewives, jeopardy is my laugh, knee-slapping, talk to the tv, show! i love it! and yes for 22 minutes, hey how’d you know that, i am in my glory and all is well. of course the minute it’s over, i’m back to moaning.

      i love this:

      (smashes the buzzer with her thumb a couple of times because the effer won’t catch and then finally rings in)

      “Cardiogirl has rung in with the answer.”

      made me laugh out loud. hey you’re kind of a one woman show yourself, but if i’m ever offered a tv show, i’m making you my co-host. name of the show? converse with us.

      welcome back to converse with us ladies and gentlemen. my name is natural and this is my co-host cardiogirl. we then plop our feet on the desk revealing our chucks to the audience (sort of like your mood for the day) to start the show.

      you game?

      i’ll have my people call your people.

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