Doing Nothing


Nothing up my sleeve today, just sitting on the porch taking it easy and enjoying the weather.


10 thoughts on “Doing Nothing

  1. You look faaaaaabulous in orange, Val!

    And just from the slight glimpes of your home, it looks wonderfully cozy!

    Hope you had a great day, girl!

    Wasn’t the weather flawless today?


    • V says:

      well would it be okay if i wore that same shirt next weekend. i have 3 weekend outfits, jeans, those pants and one pair of shorts. 3 shirts in rotation too. hahahahha. no serious.

      yes saturday was great.

      this is not my crib. i was at e’s.

    • V says:

      what orange shirt? well this pose was not on purpose, it’s just how i was sitting at the time as i was aimlessly taking photos of myself.

      finally got around to shaving my legs too. do you still have your tweeze machine, you know that thing that kills hairs. i forget. my answer is yes, how could you be without one.

      • Indeed I do, however, I was just telling Mr. C I think I might be wearing that mofo out. It doesn’t seem to move quite as well as it used to. I did clean out the screaming heads but it didn’t seem to return the former oomph.

        I will buy another one if I have to. I will not be caught without. And I am winning the war, jack. The hair is dying a slow and protracted death.

        • V says:

          Lolo. Omg, you crack me up with that uh, thing. what’s it called again, hairterminator? tweeze me, squeeze me, just don’t leave me? I can just imagine it talking saying: not her again. Very entertaining.

          yeah i’m using capital letters because outlook is a punk and refuses to bow down to lowercase. i want to turn that feature off. it is easier to comment using the email reply feature. is that how you comment or do you reply on your blog?

          • Whoa, whoa. There’s an email reply feature? I’m on WordPress and I didn’t know that was an option. I’ll have to tool about on the back end to see if that’s available for me. I’m surprised you cannot use a lower case v at my pad. That’s wrong.

            • V says:

              Yes like I’m replying now. I’m not on my blog. Oh the capital v is my fault. Your bloggie is working girlfriend!

              V Sent from my iPod Touch

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