Fade to Black


I woke up at 5 today and was so ahead of schedule that I decided to take my portrait this morning. Lunchtime is out and I can attend to other things when I get home this evening.

Good thing. My camera software refused to download all the photos I took this morning, maybe it or the card crashed, but it downloaded a few.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Fade to Black

  1. OMG…what a faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous photo, Val!


    Like I shared in one of your previous posts….you have the best taste in clothing. Great sense of style. Simple, clean, and classic!

    GO, girl!


    • V says:

      uh thanks. this picture doesn’t represent anything other than i was on time and ahead of schedule – enough to take a photo in the morning and that made me happy, jack! i love casual mornings when we can lounge and linger…it just feels right. you know?

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