Sun Kissed

This is where I spent my lunch hour today. On the grass, taking my pic and reading my book (thanks RR) in 88 degree weather. It was awesome! I felt like I was on vacation. I also forgot to remove the filter from my lens, so you’re also looking at finger print smudges (and muted tones) as well. Later!


8 thoughts on “Sun Kissed

  1. Hey, I like the finger print smudges and muted tones.

    It gives the photo almost a mystical feel.

    Here in Philly today, it reached 93!!!!! OMG, I was shvitzing! (that’s jewish for SWEATING).



    • V says:

      darn, i remember setting my camera to muted tones, but that cheap uv filter – for when not in use protection – was dirty and can’t do the job of a polarizer filter. next time.

      it’ll do, thanks!

      93 wow! i wonder if i could have sat in 93 degree weather? probably, but naked. hahahah.

      i’ll have to throw shvitzing around today.

    • V says:

      thanks, it was just that, but also the setting i had the camera on and the haze. i should go clean it, eh? for my next mistake.

  2. I also enjoy the soft focus but I have a challenge for you. Recreate this shot (with the same outfit, yeah I’m making it difficult) with a sharp focus.

    p.s. On a hot day like that do you wear nylons? Does anyone wear nylons anymore?

    • V says:

      waaahhh, i can’t do it. well i tried and uploaded something somewhere (it’s public), but the focus does not look crisp. i’m sure a software program could take care of that, but that’s not my forte. i guess if i uploaded 1:1 (life size) or slightly less, you’d be able to see more sharpness.

      p.s. um yes, i’m a dork and a misfit. i wear nylons, however if i have a sandal (closed toe) that matches i skip the nylons, but i have to wear something. knee highs or dress sock.

      and remember i sit in a freezer box from 9 to 5, so while i might leave home half-naked, by the time i get to the box, i’m dressed for winter. that blanket was over my legs yesterday and the man frowns on showing arms (sleeveless anything – although some people do it so i also had on a jacket.)

      man, that’s a lot of p.s. my neck hurts. have a nice day.

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