Read Handed


Friday, not exclusively, is Barnes and Noble night.  Is it wrong to grab a handful of photo magazines, prop my feet up and read them without buying one. I have a membership, but don’t always make a purchase.

I did buy one magazine, only because it was wrapped in plastic and I couldn’t read it. Do you feel bad for reading a magazine (even at the supermarket) and not buying it. I don’t.

6 thoughts on “Read Handed

  1. “Do you feel bad for reading a magazine (even at the supermarket) and not buying it?”

    Absolutely not. I do it all the time! Tell me, who can afford to fork out $8.00 for every magazine you may only what to read ONE article in? Not me. Besides, magazines are mainly advertisements anyway.

    I do the same as you, Val. I love to go to Barnes & Noble; grab a cup of coffee, and then read me some mags and books. I mean come on…I at least paid for the coffee – HA!

    LOVE the colors in this shot!


    • V says:

      you are sooo right about the advertisements. geeze louise. i pop into barnes and noble too often to buy every time, so some times i grab a handful of magazines/books, have a seat (sometimes on the floor) and get my read on. one of the workers walked by me yesterday and i felt like she walked in on me in my living room. i was like hello and what do you want? hahahahah. i could stay there all day and oh, i don’t buy anything to eat or drink there. i think we did that twice and i’m sure that must have been a day we were feeling rich = lost our mind.

      i would love to work at barnes and noble and i do organize the magazines if they are not in the right place like i work there. hahahha

      have a great weekend ron!

  2. I might buy a Reader’s Digest in the checkout line if there are enough article titles on the cover to entice me. Other then that, I agree with Ron. Too many ads, and when did magazines get so damn expensive?

    Have a great weekend, V!

    • V says:

      i read RD occasionally and prevention too. the magazine i bought yesterday cost 11$, yes US dollars! it’s an imported magazine but * ! the imported magazines, i hate to say, have more useful information and always come with an instructional CD, than the ones printed in the US.

      hey won’t be too long, right, before i’m buying your book at B&N, but i will need an autographed copy, just so you know. 🙂

      okay xnay on the book bay, it’s a secret, right? that’s not pig latin, but gibberish with a little bit of nonsense thrown in.

      you enjoy the weekend too, girlfriend. i’m going to try to relax on monday. not today i suspect.

    • V says:

      i don’t feel bad, but i really do make myself at home while i’m there. like that little membership card entitles me to do so.


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