What a Ham!


This is Teddy, named after the fictional TV character, Theodora. Anyone know the name of the TV show. Hint: Four of the women characters had masculine nicknames.


12 thoughts on “What a Ham!

  1. OMG, VAL….what a little CUTIE PIE!!!!!!

    Hi Teddy!!!!

    I LOOOOOOOOVE hamsters! I had one when I was a kid, named “Snowball.” He/she was all white.

    No, I don’t know the name of the TV show, but you better believe I’m going to google it after I leave here to find out. You have me so curious.

    GREAT shot, girl!


    • V says:

      she is a cutie pie. doesn’t bite like the others and doesn’t mind being handled. and is the longest living hamster to date. over a year, wow. usually those suckers die after a month. one morning they’re jumping around and when we get home, they’re a whisper from death.

      hey you can’t google on jeopardy. george clooney played teddy’s beau, what was his name? i’m not a GC fan. man, now i feel like watching a sisters marathon. i wonder if netflix has the DVDs….

      thanks ron, later!

    • Damn you Ron! It was called Sisters. But I didn’t get it until she said all four chicks had masculine names. Teddy was my favorite I thought she was the prettiest. She was played by Sela Ward, if I’m not mistaken.

      • V says:

        cg, did that answer come straight from the tap. the judges are nodding their head yes. okay cool.

        she was also my favorite probably for the same reason (and because she was a badarse) and because i loved her jeep. i wanted that black jeep. i still look at them lustfully whenever i see one.

    • V says:

      ron i have bad news, although you did ring in correctly our judges say that you used a netbook to google your response and we’ll have to penalize you for that last answer. but it’s not too late in the game, you still have command of the board. make your selection.

      “i’ll try sisters again for $800,” as ron closes and kicks his netbook to the side in disgust.

      sorry i couldn’t resist.

      i mean er um ron, yes, that is correct. ding, ding, ding.

    • Just thought of this! Can you do a series on the gerbil there, in different settings? I imagine him inside a Converse shoe, at the tongue, like he’s driving it. Can you make that one happen?

      • V says:

        hmm, if teddy would cooperate. she moves rather fast and i had a hard time getting this shot. will have to jot this one down in the book and revisit later. that would be cute though. in the converse, maybe in the grass. i’m not photoshopping that one either.

        white, red, blue, brown – what are colors of future converse sneakers i’d like to own.

    • V says:

      I loved that TV show and I do not think they have it on DVD. I could not find it on Netflix. And I wish this program would stop capitalizing my letters. Down boy! Uh, yeah, down!

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