Rum Cake


Today turned out to be busier than expected. I am so tired I want to cry; good news is I’m minutes away from the bed.

I had three of these little cakes today, one just a few moments ago. It was delicious.

My self-portrait month is over, I think, I’ll be back to photographing random things around the house/town.

Have a great night!


10 thoughts on “Rum Cake

    • V says:

      it was really yummy. some of the cakes had walnuts and well i do cartwheels for walnuts, this one did not. actually i need to get everything cakey and sweet out of the house, pronto!

  1. Ooooooo….I LOVE those kind of cakes – BABY BUNDT CAKES!!!

    Yummmmmmmmy! And the rum ones are my favs.

    Yup…I’m tired too. It’s been SOOOOOOO hot today, it drained me.

    So looking forward to your random photography this month. I know I’m gonna love it like everything else you do!

    Sleep well, girl!



    • V says:

      aren’t they just divine and the right size for eating, say 50. i like them when they’re dripping wet with alcohol that burns. i feel like i could part my lips just a little and a whirl of smoke would emerge from my mouth.

      the weather was good, spent some time outdoors, but i hurt like a mother and i don’t mean the birthing kind.

      i slept well, i think.

      hope you enjoyed.


  2. I never have heard of a rum cake, but I’m assuming they contain a secret ingredient called rum. I had way too much food at a pool party and today I will spend some time in Purgatory on the elliptical machine.

    • V says:

      no cg? that makes me want to put you in a high chair and feed you rum cake myself. but i doubt you would fit though and your legs would dangle. something in my brain tells me you wouldn’t be a fan, but it’s 5:41 and the little people in my head haven’t had a chance to organize my thoughts yet, so i don’t know what it is. i just have a feeling.

      my favorite, actually, is whiskey cake. i wonder if there is a bundt carrot cake, probably not.

      this week, i will be in purgatory with you, not on the elliptical, but the treadmill. i eat a lot of sweets, more than food. that can’t be good.

      oh well.

      ps – my feet hurt like a mother, oh i used that already, my feet hurt like a mother mother. just made me think of you when you wrote of your sensitive feet. for the last few days mine have been hurting a little more than usual. that sucks since i do have to walk on them and i don’t get nearly as many foot rubs as i need. pooh. maybe i should soak them. wish i could wear slippers to work.

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