Beat It


To the average person, this looks like an egg beater. To someone with vision, it looks like art!

Who am I kidding, it’s a freaking egg beater. This is called faking the funk when I’m really running on E. Have a great night.

darn, it’s an egg whisker!

14 thoughts on “Beat It

  1. Hey – I’d hang your egg whisker on the wall and be totally proud to call it art. You did a fabulous job!!!!!

    I hope your fuel gauge is back to full!!!

    • V says:

      sold! I mean er, um. really? this is not how i envisioned the shot, but i was fed up with it. hi frances! (waves hello)

  2. I think it’s really funky. It reminds me of the atomic energy symbol, y’know? That the handle’s all bokeh-ed out helps hide the egg-beater-ness of it.

  3. That is very cool and for some reason it reminds me of some sort of science graphic, can’t quite come up with it, but something like a visual representation of DNA or pi or Elroy.

    I like it!

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