Lake View


Not sure about this image and the direction I wanted to go. I was going to upload a SOOC, but I decided to play with this a little and this is what I came up with. PP is frustrating to me because I don’t quite know what I’m doing, always. I also cropped some of the sky out.

Anyhoo, I took this during my lunch hour at a park not far from my job. Walked around until my eyes told me to stop and set up camp. Used a polarizer filter. Tried a ND filter as well and found out I don’t know how to use one. 🙂

I like the image and it looks better with post processing, it may be a tad dark, but it will do. Fake HDR.


4 thoughts on “Lake View

  1. Listen, I know nothing about photography, however I DO know when I love a photo and this photo is INCREDIBLE, Val!

    The second your page loaded and I saw the image, I went…”OOOOOOOOOO!”

    The color is absolutely stunning. And you always seem to capture the most awesome skies!

    Way to go, girl!


    • V says:

      Oh, I like the photo, it just became a little frustrating because I wasn’t sure how to process it and finally I said, forget it and just uploaded it. The greens look suspect to me, just a little = fake.

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