You Give Me Fever


Wasn’t sure where to go today and photograph, so I went to a park in the opposite direction of the one I visited earlier this week and there was nothing going on, kind of. Enjoyed the show clouds.


6 thoughts on “You Give Me Fever

  1. When I first saw your title to this post I smiled, because last night I spent over an hour at You Tube watching various versions of one of my favorite tunes…Fever. The one I kept watching over and over was from Madonna. LOVE IT!

    COOOL shot, girl! The show clouds are AWESOME! The thing I love about your photos is that you always seem to capture the crisp detail of an image.

    Like with this one!


    • V says:

      well between you and me the title has nothing to do with the photo, but rather the affect the weather had on some people in the park.

      seems as though this couple could not secure an adequate facility to express their emotions and decided the park bench was good enough.

      i understand, but at least run back to your transportation and carry on or go home, but i think they were barely legal and arrived on foot.

      it was very distracting, i was trying to “work” and had to pass by them, not once, but twice.

      i wasn’t too thrilled with the landscape, but thanks. have a great weekend. mine has already started.

    • V says:

      i really didn’t like this, but it looks better after a while. i’m over there on cloud 9, can you see me. i’m about to jump. thanks jd.

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