New Yorker


Visited my favorite city this afternoon, mostly to take pictures and people watch. I love street photography.

I saw this guy coming down the street and his dangling cigarette caught my eye, so I pretended to shoot something else, but I got ’em. I do love how he’s looking directly at me.


8 thoughts on “New Yorker

  1. Val, Val, Val…..WAY TO GO, GIRL!

    This photo depicts New York perfectly! The expression on his face it FLAWLESSLY NYC!

    LOVE IT!!!

    And I also love that you took this in black and white.


    Thanks for sharing, Val! This totally put a big smile on my face.


    • V says:

      i do love this photo and street photography. i took some other photos, one of a thinking man. i may upload eventually.

      thanks ron.

      street photography really only works in black and white. 😉

    • V says:

      is that man cool looking or what? i wish the garbage can was not there and the b/w tones looked better, but i was too tired to fight with photoshop.

      hold on. life magazine is on the phone…….

      talk to me babe.

      how much?

      tell ’em i said heck no, that picture is at least worth $5.00.

      slams the phone down.


    • V says:

      i love the city too. i have yet to go by myself, but if i ever did, i doubt i would be afraid. i can be crazy like everyone else. we stopped to rest and this woman turned to me and said it stinks. me? i thought she was sane. i said do you smell something. she looked at me for a good 5 seconds and shook her head no. i said, oh you’re crazy. carry on.

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