belle fleur


I didn’t feel like doing an inside shot today, but I also didn’t feel like going outside to look for something to photograph. So, I found a compromise on the kitchen table.

I placed this in front of a window and shot it from angle so that I could use my neighbor’s trees as a back drop.

Instead of opening the window screen and shooting with my lens wide open, I stopped down the aperture for the rounded bokeh shape. And the sunlight coming through the trees helped too.

Increased my EV by +1, but it looks like it could use just a little more light, but for a somewhat lazy attempt, I like it. Oh, I did spray the flower with water, but I guess it dried up.


8 thoughts on “belle fleur

  1. I don’t understand anything about photography, but whatever you did to get this shot it’s gorgeous!

    LOVE the screen in the background and the trees as a backdrop!

    PRIMO, girl!!


    • V says:

      thanks ron. i like the image for the time i put into it and i didn’t have to go anywhere. score one for the home team. merci!

  2. I did think the background was a Photoshop filter when I first saw it. I hope that doesn’t sound like a put down. I mean it as a compliment — you were able to do something in reality that takes filters to recreate on the computer.

    That is a great background — the muted, out of focus tree. Well done, as usual.

    Challenge! Take an artful picture of your living room while splayed on the couch preparing for a nap.

    • V says:

      not a problem, this one is straight out of the camera. i do use post processing though, but not with every image. so time consuming.

      artful? my living room is a dump, there’s nothing artful there. you mean like i would have on a wig and my overflowing hair would be hanging off the couch as i’m being fed strawberries dipped in chocolate? oh and getting my feet rubbed?

      a nap! i think i’m getting a well-deserved nap on thursday at 3:30. now this is a challenge that would be photoshopped to death.

      a more realistic picture would be me sleeping in the bed at 9:00, but that wouldn’t be art, now would it?

      i do admit defeat to this challenge, but let me have a look through my costumes. will put this in my notebook for my next and final month of self-portraits.

  3. Love it! I agree with everyone — the trees in the background and the softness of the window screen add a beautiful texture (who knew window screens could look so beautiful).

    Well done (again!!!!!)!

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