Serenity Now


I had 15 minutes, after running errands today, to find a photo for the day. This is one of my regular spots, but from a different view.

Photo was taken hand held and enhanced in Lightroom.

The highlight of my day was renewing my courtesy library card. It’s the equivalent to an American Express Black Card, to me, without the bill.

I also renewed an overdue book and thought I had to pay a fine, when the clerk told me there was no fine, I almost skipped out of the library. I was that happy.

Ah, the little things that make me happy. Serenity now.


6 thoughts on “Serenity Now

  1. I don’t know how you do it, but the skies in all of your photos are like out of “Alice in Wonderland” – they’re magical!

    Oh, and speaking of overdue fines at the library….I had 4 DVD’s overdue by 2 days and I don’t even wanna know what my fine will be the next time I go in. I can’t help it, they were closed on the day they were due and I couldn’t return them the following day because I had to work. So, I guess I really shouldn’t have to pay a fine, right?

    We’ll see….


    • V says:

      the clouds put on their own show. i do however, with the help of software, reveal the dynamic range of light. i LOVE puffy white clouds, i always walk with my head up just to admire them. one day i’m going to meet a pole, right in the kisser. muah!

      i really don’t mind fines at the library because they save me so much money, it’s my small contribution and thank you. i was happy though that after being five days late that there was no fine. more like surprised. that library, not my regular spot, charges for air.

      no you don’t have to pay, you’re covered under the grace period.

  2. I was supah jacked when my library finally came out with a new design for the library card. And, AND! They provided an awesome key fob, so now I don’t have to bring my wallet when I go to the library.

    Yeah, it’s inconvenient for me to carry my wallet. I can’t be bothered.

    • V says:

      yes, kept on your key chain, right? i don’t like to carry my wallet either, i usually take my license and registration out and slip them in my pocket or camera bag. and that’s why i had to return home twice yesterday. left my particulars at home. the po po runs a check if we’re stopped anyway, why do we need to carry the paper.

  3. What a lovely spot. Ironically, the main branch of the library system I work for has something like this set up in their back yard. It was a nice place to take my breaks, when I worked there (NOT that I’d trade my nice, small, current branch in my hometown, mind you!)

    • V says:

      it is a lovely spot and beautiful at night as well, although the purpose changes then. i/we love to visit this spot on a regular, just to relax.

      i think it’s cool you work at the library. my comfy job would be to work at barnes and noble.

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