Strawberry Fields


Initially I was going to photograph these strawberries inside, but thought they would look better outside with the white bowl and green grass.

Lens used, because it won’t show on my EXIF data, was a 50mm OM for my Olympus film camera. I forgot to set the aperture, so I don’t know it. I also had no help with auto focusing, as it does not exist on this manual lens and I don’t have a split screen.  Could not decide on the composition either.

Will take some practice getting a sharper picture, but this is SOOC. Now that I’m looking at it, I should have taken more time to arrange the strawberries. Next time. I’m using these to make a smoothie. Yummy.


10 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields

  1. And just take a wild guess at what I bought at the grocery store today?


    So, when I saw this shot I smiled.

    I like how you shot them outdoors. You’re right, the green grass against the white bowl amd the POP of red is awesome!

    And did you say, Stawberry Smoothie???? YUMMMMMMY!

    Hope you had a super-strawberry day!


    • V says:

      whew. i’m so glad you didn’t see me following you. i thought that black trench coat and sunglasses would give me away, but once again i proved to be, invisible. yes smoothies for breakfast. i’m trying to curb my er, um, appetite by drinking more liquid. uh huh.

      thanks ron, hope you had and have a super day as well.

  2. You’re my kinda people. I love the way you’ve found something elegant in something so ordinary. No offense to the strawberries.

    (Commence singing) Everything is beautifuuuuul in its own way

    • V says:

      (commence singing) we’re just ordinary people, (remember i’m singing the bass part, continue) we don’t know which way to go, we’re just ordinary people, we just need to take it slow.

      okay maybe that was alto.


      do you have a reply comment?

      no, not really.

      well then get to steppin’

      but i wanted to say something to cardiogirl

      she’s bored reading this and doesn’t have time for your nonsense

      i beg to differ (snobbish, indignant english accent)

      are you allowed out in public?

      hey i get one phone call, jack and i’m phoning a friend.

      paging cardiogirl.

      you have two seconds.

      steps up to the mic, clears throat and says in her best janet jackson voice: thank you.

    • V says:

      andrei, helloooooooo. i need to practice with that lens a lot more on the digital – it has macro/detail potential.


  3. Mmmmmmmmmm, so delicious. I can almost smell them from here (not to mention that the Cool Whip in my fridge would suit them so perfectly…)

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