Spread ’em


Late upload. I was kept out of the house way past my bedtime yesterday. Post processed in Lightroom.


8 thoughts on “Spread ’em

  1. Ya see, this is what I love about the “eye” of a photographer…..

    they SEE things that other’s don’t.

    LOVE this shot, Val! Truly!

    Sooooooooooo COOL!!!


    • v says:

      i was really looking at the tunnel that was formed by their legs, but decided to swing around to the side for another view. i don’t know why, something in my head said shoot it. so i shot it.

      and on that confession detective brown lit up a cigarette. he had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

    • v says:

      oh thank ya ma’am. first time I pulled out my heavy equipment in a department store. it was quite liberating, i must say. i got a few looks and stares, but i pretended not to see them. my next indoor conquest will be whole foods, talk about eye candy. click, click…giddyup boy.

  2. I was struck most by the pose of the mannequins’ legs. That left leg has a cocky stance, bowed ever so slightly like that. And the hands dangling make me want to throttle that punk and his ‘tude.

    But what do you expect from mannequins that don’t wear Chucks?

    • v says:

      easy, easy, rocky. your camp is in your corner trying to calm you down. mr c. is rubbing your shoulders and little e just threw water in your face because she missed your mouth.

      now that they have you under control, i approach you with my clipboard. “hey champ after you’re done beating their arse to a pulp, there’s a car waiting for you outside. we have a problem downtown and we need you there.

      okay, let her loose…..”

      look who’s all playful this morning.

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