Lunch Date


This photo, not great, but it makes me smile because it’s a reminder of the awesome lunch date I had with a friend today.


7 thoughts on “Lunch Date

    • V says:

      yes, i was so excited to see her, if i wasn’t 38 years old i would have jumped up and down right there in the parking lot and screamed.

      just so you know when we meet next month, i’m gonna hug ya. and i might jump up and down and scream. hey i might not be 38 anymore by then. i’m allowed.

    • V says:

      This tea was so tasty I had to stare at the bottle and suck the juice onto my tastebuds just so the taste would linger. Tasted more peachy.

      My friend is so awesome, smart and just fun to be around. She made my day. I was a happy Valerie.

      Now I know when I hop on a plane to come visit you, and that’s how it’s going to go down – I’m coming there – I will jump up and down, scream cg, and give you a hug. We may not be friends after that and you may punch me, but I’ll take my chances. We’ll also know how to find each other because we’ll be the ones sportin’ a brand new pair of red converse.

      There. Amen.

      V Sent from my iPod Touch

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