Orton Imagery


As mentioned, I love street photography. While most of my subjects are unsuspecting, some times they’re also asleep.

I think street photography has more impact in black and white, but I decided to go with the Orton slide sandwich look.

This was taken during one of my street walks, so I didn’t have a lot of time to compose. HDR, 3 photos, EV: 1, 0, -1.


4 thoughts on “Orton Imagery

  1. Great street photo, Val!

    Love the hands in his pockets!

    To me, street photography is so magical because you can catch a brilliant moment in everyday life, that so many people overlook.


    • V says:

      i LOVE people watching, seriously. he coughed right after i clicked the shutter. i doubt he heard me, but still, i kept it moving.

    • V says:

      somebody stole them. um, i thought he was homeless and didn’t have any. um, when we were in NY a few weeks ago, a man had a sign that said he was homeless and was begging for money, but had on a new pair of nikes. what the?

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