I Love Music (any kind of music)


This stuff (music) keeps me going and calms me down.

I set up a line of CDs last night to photograph this morning. After I knocked them down twice, I said some words and decided to go with the messy pile. I’m happy to be done with my picture of the day, I’ll have extra time to catch up with my blogging buddies. Today will be a hot one!

Made some minor adjustments in Lightroom.


10 thoughts on “I Love Music (any kind of music)

  1. OMG…you and I are so much a like, girl! I LOVE my music!

    And is that Lisa Stansfield I see there? Do you not LOVE her voice? I have several of her cd’s. I also see Everything But The Girl and Anita Baker!!

    Great taste in music, Val!


    P.S. Yeah, it’s definitely a HOT one today.

    • V says:

      yep that’s lisa. i listened to her CD yesterday, she does have a great voice. of course you know i love my ebtg and anita baker, even though i can’t understand two words anita sings. the other woman, top right, is oleta adams and she can blow. powerful voice! and hey there vincent, i see you buddy, my lion man.

      you have great taste in music as well i see. 🙂

      • Is Oleta Adams the chick who sang, “I can reach you by airway, blah blah, get here when you can?” Ha.Ted. That. Song.

        If it is her, just disregard this comment.

        • v says:

          yep that’s her. song is called get here. powerful set of lungs. that’s funny, you hated it. i actually still like it. originally i think it was sung by brenda russell.

            • V says:

              yes, of course, the use of the word chick and periods in between your words gave you away.

              hey, i wonder if you put a sheet over your head and changed your writing style/voice would i still be able to pick you out of a crowd.

              challenge. write in a different voice/style, add two more quotes from other peeps and the VIPers have to pick which quote is yours. but you must throw in a tiny tiny clue, maybe. for example:

              a. say what again, mofo.
              b. come again?
              c. could you repeat that please.

              you would be voice a. okay actually that example sucks donkey because that saying is all you.

              no? well it was fun in my mind. thank you for playing. there is no parting gift, but i will sing for you.

              i don’t care how you get here, just get here iiiiiiiiiiiif you caaaaaaaaaaaan.

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