Sucked Donkey


Today sucked donkey. I just wasn’t feeling it or anything today.

First visit to this park, I don’t even know the name of it. I snapped photos as I walked aimlessly around the park. It was boring there, I tried to make it interesting, but nada. The sun will come out tomorrow, right? Faux HDR, I think.

10 thoughts on “Sucked Donkey

  1. Well, the day may have sucked donkey, but your photo didn’t!

    Love it, Val! It feels so serene and peaceful. I like the reflection on the water.

    OMG, wasn’t today a humid? Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter – OY VEY!

    Have great night, my friend!


    • V says:

      no really, this photo sucks donkey. if i had a picture of a donkey i would have posted it. maybe i should get a mascot for all of my ****** days. if i made it through yesterday, today HAS to be better. i’m inside most of the day, so i enjoyed the sun and the heat while i was out there. it wasn’t too bad.


  2. I love the title, natch. Time for a challenge: can you make geese, uh, presents look artistic in extreme close up? I don’t think you can but I’m throwin’ it out there.

    If not, another extreme close up of a bug, insect, etc. on a leaf or blade of grass would be acceptable.

    • V says:

      i took pictures of geese yesterday, but didn’t have the proper lens for the job. whoa, whoa, whoa gingah, geese, uh, presents. is that crap? like geese poo. h to the naw. and yes there is music and a gong included with that response.

      geese presents? you mean that green ****? for real? h to the naw.

      does the bug have to be alive. i’m sure there’s a dead fly in one of the window sills around here somewhere. legs cocked in the air and flat on his back.

      • Ding a hundred, baby. Yes, I’m talking about that green stuff. See, that’s the impossible challenge. Finding beauty in sh*t — literally.

        I must see a dead fly in a window sill with legs cocked in the air. Please title it, “Dead Fly in Repose.”

        • v says:

          well i would have to physically arrange the poo and stab toothpicks in it to make some sort of design, so let me think about it. um. no.

          now the fly i, don’t want to say killed, kevorkianed is still in the window. if his legs have not shriveled up, i can work with him.

  3. I think we have the same weather condition. It’s grey all the time though it’s summertime in my place. But your photo is not that boring. Right color for the nature came out though. But the sky makes me feel go home and sleep.

    • V says:

      i’m not connected to the photo at all, just wasn’t having a great photo day. it does bore me to tears almost. thanks for stopping by marlene.

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