Comfort Food


Today’s photo was supposed to be a night shot taken at a local amusement park (from the road). I had the image of what I wanted in my head, I checked the time for sunset and I set off on my journey.*   I just forgot to check one more thing…um, if the park was open. Uh, it was NOT. I stamped the word donkey on my head and went to the supermarket to nurse my wound.

There was a man in front of me who was buying the exact same thing, cookies and milk. I said to myself, ha, he missed his shot too. I looked at the man behind me and he had a Gatorade. I called him a show off.

Next time.

This was taken a few minutes ago in the kitchen, manual focus, SOOC, EV+1, ISO 800, 50mm.

*i don’t leave the house until after jeopardy goes off, jack!  uh cg, guess what (wait don’t guess what)…um one of the categories on jeopardy was alex does auto-tune. or something like that. he read the answers in that crazy voice. i thought you might like that.


10 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. No.


    I actually gasped when I read “… alex does auto-tune.” I must search that out on YouTube.

    Brand of cookie, please. They look like soft bake, not so crunchy.

    Final guess: Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies.

    • V says:

      yes. way. i said look at jeopardy being all hip and timely. the answers were snippets of songs and the contestants had to guess the title.

      fresh baked cookies from the supermarket bakery. the label says jimmy’s choc. chunk cookies….yes they are soft, but in a home baked kind of way. i don’t like soft packaged cookies. homemade soft, yes. there’s a difference. to me.

  2. Damn fine looking cookies ya got there. I thought it was cool that the guy in front of you had the same idea. I wish I had some now. My store sells the most wonderful soft cookies. Macadamia nut/white choc chunk for the hubs, chocolate coconut/white choc chunk for me. DEE-VINE! It’s weird because the package doesn’t even have a real name. The bag just says “Delicious gourmet cookies.” That they are, but I still wanna know who makes ’em.

    • V says:

      pssst, kathy. c’mere. come closer. closer, i won’t bite. cool. the man in front of me had cheap vanilla cream sandwich cookies and lactose intolerant milk, (shut up) 2 cartons of it. still milk and cookies, but if he’s gonna do it, do it right. must get the good stuff.

      and your hubs has better taste in cookies than you do. nuts rule. sorry. 🙂 hey, i know. i will need to taste those cookies for myself just to be sure. fill your trunk with cookies, container optional, for our future meet up. okay. oh and sit next to me. or just give me the keys to your car.

      maybe they make the cookies on the premises using someone’s recipe. mine did say jimmy cookies, but who the freak is jimmy? not that guy behind the counter. and gimmie jimmy’s left the area a long time ago. maybe he sold the recipe and skip town with all the money he made. hmmmmm? delicious gourmet cookies? that’s all i really need to know.

  3. See!! This is why I believe in destiny. Had the park not been closed, you woud have never gotten this AWESOME cookie shot!

    They look so delicious! I can actually SMELL them from here!

    Chocolate chip are my favorite cookie. Have you ever tried Toll House CC Cookies?



    • v says:

      i’m going back to get that park photo. the nerve of them. i timed everything so perfectly and well i’m a donkey. hee-haw.

      oh yes they were so good you would have thought, cough, uh dot dot dot. actually i have some left, which is surprising to me. tomorrow, i won’t be so nice.

      toll house. uh yes. i don’t think there’s a CC cookie on the market i haven’t tried. i’m a junkie. however, let me confirm that with my statistics keeper.

  4. Oh how evil…I’ve been aching for some chocolate chip cookies lately. Chips Ahoy, in particular. Chips Ahoy from my youth, that were SO much better than what they’ve been degraded to now. 😦

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