I Believe I Can Fly


Well I went back to the amusement park tonight and it was open. This is not the shot I envisioned, but it will do.

Processed to death. Pseudo HDR. Handheld.

BTW, the moon is [was] beautiful tonight. And my computer issue has been solved. There was enough dust on my CPU fan to knit a small sweater.  I also dislike that song by R. Kelly, it’s inspirational, I get it, but I’m not buying it.




4 thoughts on “I Believe I Can Fly

  1. As soon as I saw this photo I went, “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    OMG…how fabulous a shot, Val!

    Love how the colors POP!

    And thank you for sharing about the dust on your CPU fan. I’ll check mine out sometime this weekend because perhaps that’s why my desktop is making weird noises.

    Oh, and I checked out your moon photo. Belissima! Me too. I get all misty-eyed whenever I see the moon!


    • V says:

      weeeeee, the park was empty, not very many people there, so i had to wait for them to start this ride.

      oh yes, my computer is straight now and i’m glad because i doubt i would have been able to afford a replacement. it’s so quiet, i can’t believe the difference. i used to beat the crap out of it because of all the noise it made and it just needed a cleaning. i need to see what’s wrong with my laptop and why it’s running so slow.

      thanks ron.

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