I like to think I’m active and in decent physical shape, that is until I play a game of tennis, then I know I’m not.

My hat is off to all you tennis players, it looks like an easy game, but it isn’t. From now on, I will stick to Wii tennis.

Handheld, SOOC, medium telephoto lens, butt on the grass.


6 thoughts on “Tennis

  1. I soooo agree, Val!

    Tennis is probably the only sport I enjoy playing, but it’s NOT easy. I use to play it a lot when I lived in Florida. I like it because it’s fast.

    Great shot, girl!

    Hope you had a super weekend!


  2. V says:

    a lot of running back and forth, well probably for people like myself who don’t know how to play well or where to stand. just all over the place.


    it’s a hot one today already, isn’t it. i still rather be hot than cold though. 🙂 don’t melt today. hey i’m looking forward to going to work for the AC. how sad.

    • V says:

      i feel like an uncoordinated snail on the court. really, all that back and forth? thought i might give it another try this summer. no.

      on the wii is good enough.

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