Auto Spkr


Instead of going to the gym before work, I decided to workout outside since the weather is supposed to be excellent for the next three days. Sadly, this is the most interesting thing I saw. I may walk in the opposite direction tomorrow, I’m sure to catch a mugging by 7 a.m., maybe.

UPDATE:  sorry for the madness that went down today. i guess i was hacked and penetrated beyond belief.  multiple times. how rude.


11 thoughts on “Auto Spkr

  1. “I’m sure to catch a mugging by 7 a.m., maybe”

    Bwhahahahahahahahahaha…ya see, that’s what I mean about your FABULOUS sense of humor!

    Hey, I really dig this shot, Val! I really like all the various textures.

    The wood, the brick, the metal.

    Hasn’t the weather been beautiful? OMG…finally a day when I’m not shvitzing like a pig.

    Enjoy your evening!


    • Wait a minute, Ron. I know you hate summer and the heat so I’m guessing shvitzing like a pig means sweating crazily. But I thought the next few days in the Midwest and the East are supposed to be toasty warm high 80s to low 90s. That’s my kinda weather! Love the heat.

    • V says:

      it kinda sucks donkey, but it is what is. i guess it could be interesting if some people were in the mix and out of focus…to the left, to the left.

  2. I do think this is interesting based on the way it’s cropped and the close up nature. How do you get the focus so sharp? Probably talent, a steady hand and knowing how to focus. Well done!

    Sadly, I would be really interested to see a snap of a mugging in process. Ugh, that says volumes about me.

    • V says:


      sharp? – i cheated. enhanced in lightroom, much better than photoshop.

      i want to beat someone now. i’m almost sure i growled at a man who was looking at me. i was thinking: bring it punk.

  3. OMG…I thought something was up when I saw a post from you on my google reader that looked like SPAM.

    How RUDE, it right.

    Like your new blog design!


    • v says:

      i know. i got an email at work from me. i’m like i know i have multiples, but c’mon, we all share the same email account and we don’t usually communicate with one another. then i realized i had been spammed. now i have to go about the business of changing my password. for every darn thing.

      late night. i’m behind. my bed is calling, for real. night night.

      a friend of mine wanted to know why i was writing that way in the email. seriously?

      new design. uh yeah. it freaks me out a little when there is change and no warning. the first few seconds is spent wondering if i’m at the right blog or site.

  4. It’s an interesting shot–don’t kid yourself. I like the dichotomy of straight lines vs. the roundness of the sprinkler unit. Nice treatement of light, too.

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