Worm’s-Eye View


I saw this miniature Eiffel Tower at mom’s house and thought I would use it in today’s photo.

The best I could do was get down on my hands and knees, but that was not low enough. So I shot this w/o looking through the viewfinder and held the camera at a low angle for this worm’s-eye view.

Tricked out version

Minor edits: hue, saturation, luminance and clarity.


4 thoughts on “Worm’s-Eye View

  1. You are sooooooo creative, Val!

    This is much too cool!

    I can’t believe you achieved this without looking through the viewfinder!

    Enjoyed the tricked out version too.


    • v says:

      thanks ron. nothing up my sleeve for today, my brain is on lockdown. yep, i would have to be on my belly to get this shot otherwise and i wasn’t doing that. had i been dressed for it and had a blanket, then sure. i left the camera for this exact situation at home…tough angles.

  2. That really is amazing that you held it low to the ground without looking through the viewfinder. I also really like the tricked out sky — cool shades of blue.

    I’m surprised I didn’t notice the American flags in the distance on this original photo. Saw it on the tricked out version. Is that on purpose or a coincidence?

    • v says:

      it’s no different than when people hold their camera above their head and shoot. they’re not looking through the viewfinder either. you take a bunch of shots and pray you get something. i checked the shots before i left to make sure i had… something.

      i planned to do a shooting from the hip series, just never got around to it. no viewfinder either. fun street photography.


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