Ask And Ye Shall Receive


today i asked a friend at work, as she was leaving for lunch, if she would bring me back a car, black, to be specific. i enjoy asking for impossible items when people want to know if they can bring me anything back from their outing. i don’t remember her asking and she said she wouldn’t make any promises. the nerve of me!

when she returned from lunch she presented me with my set of hot wheels and a chocolate bar. i had to laugh (and play with the car).  it’s my fault for not specifying that i wanted a real car, but we work at a law firm, so i understand her mindset and ability to speak and reason the politician way.

all kidding aside, thank you R for the car and the chocolate. score! you made me laugh and i’m just getting home from work because the car only goes 2 mph and i exceeded the weight limit. 🙂

the car is not parked on the street, but sitting on a deck railing. i wanted a little bokeh design in the background, so i found it first through the trees then positioned the car in front.

shot 2 -3 different f-stops and decided on the above pic. increased the exposure value for light and pulled this sooc.

it almost looks real. i give this photo my nod of approval and because i have nothing else. 🙂 night!


6 thoughts on “Ask And Ye Shall Receive

  1. “it almost looks real.”

    It DOES look real!!!!! Holy cow, that is so freaking cool, Val! It’s the angle you shot it that gives the illusion of REAL. Love the blurred background!

    You are so talented!


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