Shooting Blind


Sometimes I like to hold my camera in the air, fire the shutter and see what happens. This is what happened, from the passenger side of the car. Will crop out the bottom later.  Enjoy the weekend.


8 thoughts on “Shooting Blind

  1. Oh, man. So cool. I say leave the bottom in. It looks arty and gives some perspective.

    You’re awesome, BTW. I would take a shot and wind up with a picture of dog poop or something.

    • v says:

      leave it in, you say? okay then it stays. i didn’t feel like cropping it anyway. maybe when i upload it to my website, i may. dunno. i’m in clean mode this weekend and couldn’t think of anything to photograph. so when we stepped out for a few hours (grrr) i do what i do, hold my camera to the window and shoot! seriously, i’m very surprised i got this shot and it was usable.

      um, kathy, hi. how are you? doing well? that’s great. i am, uh, addicted to this game and i know you have an Ipod Touch. should you, uh er, um, ever want to play with me in the sandbox, look a sister up!!! i mean i would be happy to accommodate (ask me how many times it took me to spell that right) you.

      i have four games going on right now and it’s just not enough. i can’t get enough of it. i’m afraid. i may have to delete the app, but if you want to play, use my email address to find me. it’s freggin addictive!!!

      this reply seems kind of personal. like a four page letter.

      duty calls…….txs

    • v says:

      thanks lana. i’m surprised how it turned out considering i only had one shot. i’ll take it. it was a cavalier shot (in a carefree and nonchalant attempt) that turned out surprisingly decent.

  2. Oooo…Oooo…Oooo!!!

    What I LOVE about this one, is both the angle you shot it at and how you can see the reflection of the cloudy sky in the building.

    If you look towards the bottom of the building, you can see what looks like a skull face formed by the clouds.

    Sooooooooooooo cool!


    • v says:

      i’m very surprised the top of that photo is as level as it is. had i been on the ground and not in the car, that’s exactly how i would have framed it. well minus the reflection, but i’m not complaining.


    • v says:

      okay that made me laugh. um, yes you can and you do. i’ve seen just about every picture you’ve taken since 1945 or um 200x something.

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