Spiraling Out of Control


When life is spiraling out of control, there is only one question to ask…


6 thoughts on “Spiraling Out of Control

    • v says:

      finding a pleasing angle was the difficult part. okay when i see you, i will.

      sometimes i think i focus my lens while looking over the top of my glasses. not quite sure why i think i can even see w/o my glasses, but i take them off to read, books mostly and have been looking over them to make eye contact. weird. “why” doesn’t look in focus to me, but i guess it doesn’t have to be.

      oh well. i KNOW exactly why. i just wish i would hit rock bottom so i can stop this [ b l a n k i n g ] spinning. excuse my french. it’s making me dizzy.

    • v says:

      thanks ron. you wanna know what the kid said when she saw this photo. she said,

      “i think you are running out of things to photograph.” ROFL

      the only reason i didn’t bust a cap is because it was funny. it’s about time her sense of humor started kicking in. i was beginning to worry, there is none on the other side.

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