Message In A Bottle


Found this bottle with cork (not pictured) while cleaning the house yesterday, thought it was photo worthy.

Same window setup but shot from above: 50mm, tripod, colored art paper, manual focus, aperture priority and sooc.

8 thoughts on “Message In A Bottle

    • v says:

      actually i like the purple too. i’m trying incorporate brighter colors into my background since i naturally gravitate toward the darker. merci!

  1. I just love your colored art paper as background. I’m no photographer, but I’ve never thought of that. Whenever I want a “nice” background I throw down a towel. Oh yeah. We’re klassy over here.

    Yep, that’s klassy with a K.

    • v says:

      thanks girlfriend. it’s cheap and no one ever really has to know. (that last sentence sounds like i’m up to something.)

    • v says:

      the note says…come closer please. well that’s not what the note says i want YOU to come closer. stop, not that close. step back a little. a little more. yesssss, right there. now stop. the note says ( enter blank space here ). it’s blank.

      glad you are back and yes, my other peeps keep me smiling as well, but being the greedy ( b l a n k ) that i am, i want more laughter. give me more. muahhahahahahahhaha.

      sum ting wong.

  2. You are sooooooooooooooo creative, girl!


    And I have to chime in with the others – I really like the purple background.


    • v says:

      i think i’m going to take a creative break today because i haven’t taken my picture yet. have you seen a photo of my feet? they are really nothing to look at nor are they photo worthy.

      xo ron!

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