In Those Jeans


there IS art in jeans. it may be trying to get out of them because the waist is suddenly too small, but still, art!

besides being my only pair of jeans, not sure what this is. the little voice in my head asked if i could make a zipper look interesting. guess not.


13 thoughts on “In Those Jeans

  1. Chic jeans, eh? I like the washed out color. I remember the days of picking the correct color of my jeans — dark blue, medium blue, stonewashed? What to do, what to do.

    Now I dream of the day when I lose 20 lbs and look good in jeans again. Then I’ll wear whatever color is available. Until then it’s black workout pants.

    • v says:

      yeah chic, don’t know who chic is, but the jeans fit. i mean, er um, they used to fit a lot looser (ta da, did i get that right?) in the waist, but as mentioned, they shrunk. i hope to buy another pair real soon, if i can find something that fits. wal-mart or k-mart can usually hook me up with something adequate, so i’ll go take a look see this weekend. and i need a pair of white converse. got a loaner pair?

      20lbs, eh. i can go for 15, but 20 would be tight. so i challenge you, that’s right, you there, in the red, to lose 15 lbs by the end of october. if we don’t lose the 15 by october 31, then a dollar received in the mail with no note will be enough said.

      GO! and do not swallow that last handful of cheeze-itz.

      i just weighed myself and i think i’m going to need an extension, or at least some elastic for my pants.

      GO! you wanna know how much i weigh? add a zero to the day of my birth. that’s right, jack.

      or the year of your birth minus 1950 and add a zero at the end. that’s right, jack.

      or the number of jeopardy categories x 12, -2 and add a one before the first number. that’s right jack!!

      see if i got off my fat * and exercised instead of making up silly math equations, i wouldn’t be 780 – 610 lbs.

      it’s amazing what a few hours of er um sleep will do for the mind and body. i’m ready to play now.

      p.s. or you could just add a zero to the minutes this comment was submitted and forget all that math stuff.

      • This is fun! I accept your challenge and will tell you (in a depressed manner) that I had a physical just yesterday and weighed in at (takes a deep breath and cringes) the year of my birth minus 1951.5 and move the decimal over one time to the right.

        Yes, that’s correct. I ain’t roundin’ up or down.


        I’m getting two different answers with a ten point difference based on two of your calculations.

        the year of your birth minus 1950 and add a zero at the end gives me one number


        780 – 610. I think you think I am one year older than I am. Um, my birth year ends in a sideways zero, not a straight line with a backwards baseball hat.

        Did you understand any of that?

        Anyway, I will take your challenge and will hope that gives me some motivation. I’m competitive. It will give me motivation. Excuse me while I head off to the Y.

        (And throw away the Cheez-Its.)

        • v says:

          See what happens when a donkey goes to school and tries to smarten up. They do the math wrong and now I feel extra small for getting your birth year wrong. Dangnabbit! But the challenge still stands, girlfriend. I know you are competitive and I like that about you as long as I win. I’m 170 lbs down from 175!

          Oct 31 is just around the corner. Are you down? Hey I like that.

          I put a dollar in an envelope this morning for just in case. Humble pie is good for the soul too. And tasty.

          V Sent from my iPod Touch

    • v says:

      oh you’re doing 20. okay. i was going for 15 but 20 would be nice.

      and that is THEE dollar i tucked away in an envelope. i just can’t give that sucker away to anybody.

      • v says:

        @cg – i’m about to do a late night workout and then get up at 5 and run 7 miles to work – sans the sidewalk – yeah that’s right.

        alright i’ll take the car. don’t want to burnout on my first day.

        and i spelled cheez-it wrong too. &*^!

        oh yeah, gotta go throw away my ice cream and cookies, but i’m licking the cookie that lands on the very top of the garbage. it’s good for 400 days thereafter.

        well right now you are 4 years older than me, but it’s not a full 4, that’s where i messed up. i ass u me d too fast. that’s why my name is donkey! hee haw!

          • v says:

            Ha! I knew you were going to go. Sadly, I can’t see your ticker from the Pen, but I will look when I get home. And I can’t show you my ticker, I’m just going to leave that up to the imagination. I enjoy meting out mystery and wonderment until the hope is realized, at my leisure. So you’ll just have to wait and see, gingah.

            I gave the cookies to someone at work to hold and maybe I will only get 3 a week. One every other day. Starting next week, maybe. I doubt I can go cold turkey but I’m very surprised at my restraint thus far.

            Carry on.

            V Sent from my iPod Touch

  2. Oh…you are toooooooo funny, girl!

    YES…there IS art in jeans.

    Especially the way you photograph them!

    Awesome shot. And this is exactly the way I like my own jeans – faded and comfy.


    • v says:

      they are faarrr from comfy. too tight in the waist, but i suck it up and refuse to exhale. hey, i could have been a fifth actress in that movie waiting to exhale. darn, is there going to be a sequel. i can just stand in the corner and be a paid actress, in those jeans.

  3. I’m sorry. I thought this was V’s blog. I must be mistaken because there’s lots of math here. I think I came in the wrong door. I’ll come back another day.

    • v says:

      LOL. you are so right. i see you’ve met donkey. donkey is a smart arse and usually ends up embarrassed and wrong. she eats a lot of humble pie and is not only a club member, but also the president of hee haw.

      you’re the math goddess around these parts, jack! it won’t happen again.

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