Mugs, a Cup and Saucers, oh my!


don’t try this at home; go to a friend’s house instead. fortunately none broke.


8 thoughts on “Mugs, a Cup and Saucers, oh my!

  1. That’s like a Dr. Seuss photo — naturally I must know how you constructed the color of the background. Did you tape the yellow sheet against a vertical wall and set the green sheet flat on an angled Cindy Lou Who table?

    p.s. Looking at that photo is seriously kicking up my anxiety. It’s not full-on panic, more like a 1.5 out of 10.

    • v says:

      yes taped the yellow paper to the wall and the green flat on the table, until the two met. it’s not seamless, but i was rushing and this took place during jeopardy. uh hello. ;|

      angle? – ballhead tripod and i love it. that sucker can swivel in a 360 degree rotation with the release of one knob. so i tilted it right.

      mental note on your anxiety: i’ll try to keep it down.

  2. Okay…I give 10 stars for this one, Val!

    It’s BRILIIANT! How the heck did you do that…GLUE?

    And I agree with Cardiogirl…it looks exactly like a Dr. Seuss photo!!!!!

    Also, I love the colors.


    • v says:

      no glue and i’m surprised i only had to set this shot up once. i could have used a new set of dishes anyway.

      thanks ron.

    • v says:

      thanks lana. i like the colors too. will probably make some adjustments in lighroom when i upload to site, but otherwise, it’s okay.

    • v says:

      too bad i haven’t achieved that balance in life. gee that comment sucked donkey. let’s try this again, shall we?

      wow, thanks meleah. it wasn’t as difficult as it looks and surprisingly none came crashing down.

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