a very lazy photo today. hand held and bluzzy (my newly coined word blurry + fuzzy. feel free to use it. i’m going to bed). that is all.

6 thoughts on “Skateboard

    • v says:

      well someone on my flickr page tells me that bluzzy is already in the freaking urban dictionary.

      i tell you, i was tongue tied when trying to say blurry and fuzzy one day and bluzzy came out. so we’ve been using it around my neck of the woods. never thought to check the urban dictionary and because i’m afraid of the urban dictionary. i have enough problems.


  1. I am totally stealing “bluzzy,” even tho you gave me permission to use it.

    Anyway, the bluzziness looks intentional. The edge of the skateboard is sharp and clear, while the background is bluzzy. I think it’s cool!

    • v says:

      this is america, jack. the home of the free. beg, borrow and steal until your heart’s content. take what’cha like. do what’cha like.

      i really thought i made up a word and now i know otherwise.

      thx, jd.

    • v says:

      word to thy mother. i thought i created a word but bluzzy is already in the urban dictionary. tis okay, i’m sure i’ll be tongue tied again and give birth do a new word that’s not in any dictionary yet.

      that’s just some fragganackle bull.

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