busy, busy. not much going on here. just a little R&R before heading out earlier this afternoon. cropped all around.


10 thoughts on “Chillin’

  1. Oh sweet Lord in heaven. Chucks and Psychology Today? As you know, we have been separated at birth and we need to close the gap. I did try to blow up the picture to see what size your dogs are.

    I think yours are slightly smaller or possibly the same size. I’m a men’s 8, chick’s 10. Although, now that I think of it I always order a men’s 8. I’ve never purchased a strictly female pair, I guess, since I have none with a 10 stamped on the bottom.

    Side note: I have to make sure I never commit a crime in my low tops because the imprint on the mud/dirt will clearly show the size. I’ll have to buy a pair of Keds from K-mart when I’m ready to do the crime.

    • v says:

      and i was actually going to mention my size just in case anyone wondered. nope, we wear the same size in chucks 8/10. and i bought the men’s pair on your recommendation. normally i wear an 11, sometimes a 10.

      and you like PT too! no, i LOVE PT and it hurt my feelings when i recently received my last issue in the mail and canceled my subscription.

      i waited for the final notice so that i could use the postage paid envelope and mail back the form indicating i would not be renewing.

      i really did toil with that decision, and i wrote a note apologizing because i’m crazy, but i will have to read it at the library or online. i prefer to hold the magazine in my hands, but it’s belt tightening time.

      i doubt you would commit a crime barefoot.

        • v says:

          Cool. Now which one of us is going to move. Probably me since I’m about to be enrolled in the witness protection program.

          V Sent from my iPod Touch

    • v says:

      valerie needs a lot more than R&R, but uh, it’s a great starting point and i tend not to bite when my needs are taken care of. thank you me time.

      and thank you meleah for visiting. see ya soon!

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