it was a pain to use, but we didn’t know any better, and who could resist the tapping sound of the keys. i loved it and still do.



10 thoughts on “Sentimental

  1. When I first saw that picture I thought those were cups of chocolate pudding with frosting letters on top.

    I did love the sound of a noisy typewriter but I always had a hard time getting the keys to strike hard enough on a manual typewriter. I do remember, as a kid, jamming 10 or 12 keys at the same time so they were all locked upright.

    If I had a typewriter today and my kids did that I would be extremely pissed off. But it was fun back when I was doing that.

    • v says:

      really, cg? um, that made me chuckle. chocolate pudding with frosting letters on top. betty crocker and bill cosby in da house.

      you wanna know what’s weird – about me – i love chocolate, but i do not like chocolate anything else. no chocolate cake, pudding, ice cream, icing, sprinkles, etc.

      i looove the sound of a manual typewriter and yeah striking the keys were sometimes difficult, but (humph, my neighbor just closed their window on me and now i can’t see inside. it’s not even a mini blind, but a freaking sheet, an ugly one to boot! in the ghetto!) we got by, right? i don’t think i appreciated the key jams though, i’m sure i frowned upon getting my fingers stained with ink from the ribbon.

  2. Nice shot. It sure does bring back memories of doing it manually, and how hard it must have been for people who had to do it all day. But you are right about the sound, there was some nice rhythms to those old machines.

    • v says:

      hello Q smith. i actually borrowed this typewriter from a friend, just to photograph. i wanted to do a retro week, but it’s not so easy finding everything that’s old. next, i’m looking for a rotary phone.

      yes, love the sound but probably not typing on it all day, a real PITA. thanks for stopping by.

  3. Faaaaaaaaaabulous shot, Val!

    I so agree…who could resist the tapping sound of the keys? And do you remember when electric typewriters came out? The Olympus ones (I think), where the letters were on a little ball that spun around when you hit the keys. I loved taking typing in high school!

    Thanks for the memories, girl!



    • v says:

      thanks ron. yes i remember the little ball that spun around (sounds like the little engine that could). am i that young?


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