it was either this or a picture of me in the bed asleep. you’re welcome. or do i owe you an apology.

folks i’m pooped. i don’t even have a story tonight, but i will dream dreams. catch up later.


6 thoughts on “JB

  1. I don’t understand the title. JB? But you look nice in profile while sleeping. *IF* I ever posted a photo of me unconscious for sure my mouth would be open and there would probably be some drooling.

    Unless I was able to remove it in Photoshop.

  2. v says:

    I don’t understand the title. JB? – I was a lazy dot dot dot last night. I was good for nothing but bed. JB = jewelry box.

    But you look nice in profile while sleeping. – Eek! I don’t like my profile, heck, I’m pushing facing forward and taking photos of myself. I was so tired last night, I’m just glad I was still clothed when I was mindlessly snapping pictures. Delirious might be a better word and how did these capital letters get in here! I wasn’t 100% sleep, but resting, and it was my backup shot.

    Now I must tell you something, come and sit next to me. Can I get you some coffee? No? Oh, I see you have your own, okay. I don’t allow outside beverages in my office, but I’ll make an exception, for you. Wait, I need to close the door.

    Takes a deep breath.

    I sleep with my iPod Touch, nope that’s not even exciting, on my night stand and the first thing I do when I wake up is roll over (this is really sad) and check the time, my email and any word games I have going on.

    Earlier this morning I remember rolling over and viewing a comment from you on this post – i can’t read in my dreams, but I got the gist of the message – and then I went back to sleep.

    So when I woke up again around 6 and I checked the time, my games and my email, there’s a comment from you on this post, BUT IT’S DIFFERENT from what I remember and now I’m freaking out. I’m looking at your avatar and comment all cockeyed wondering how and why you changed your comment. Is it possible I was dreaming the first time? WTH. But that’s between you and me.

    I’m going to open the door now and leave you and Photoshop alone. Just be sure when you are done to wipe everything down, drool and all, girlfriend.

    Seriously, do you know my password to this blog?

    wait, last night i wrote: i will dream dreams. maybe i was. MAYBE i did.

    • I love your relationship with your iPod. I was just mind traveling that morning. I wrote something half-hearted, saw that you read it and then decided I needed to change it.

      So I jumped back into your mind later with a better comment. That first time I had a ninja mask on my avatar, but it was invisible so you probably missed it.

      I promise to limit my mind travel to every third full moon.

      • v says:

        that iPod is the devil. if you wake up one morning and it’s in a basket, wrapped in a blanket on your front porch, please accept my apologies now.

        i was so confused when i read your real comment. i thought i had already done so that morning. dang.

    • v says:

      thanks ron. one day i will wake up, see all the photos of me on the web and scream. before this project, there were very few photos of me. i guess the kid will enjoy them and think what a crazy mother she has. i think she already knows though.

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