i’m constantly looking at things through a photographer’s/artist’s eye and thinking what a great photo this or that would make. things that go unnoticed by other people and i don’t understand how come they don’t see “it.”

so i get my fair share of crazy looks for photographing things that catch my eye, like the ivy growing on this ladder.

i was too busy getting tore up by mosquitoes to get the composition right, but there’s something artistic about this photo i like. even if no one else understands.


8 thoughts on “Unnoticed

  1. I swear I am feeling an itchy mosquito bite on my right shoulder in empathy. It’s seriously a mosquito bite but it was cool until I read this. And as I think about it, I’ve had that bite for at least a week or more. I hope it’s just a mosquito bite.

    Okay, did you take this shot in color and then adjust it in Photoshop or did you take it in b&w? Do digital cameras take shots in b&w anymore?

    If it *was* taken in color I’d like to see a side-by-side of the color and the b&w. Nice job, regardless.

    • v says:


      i really should wear some bug off. they were on me like leeches, just having their way and biting the crap out of me. i was trying to hold the camera and fight off bugs. not sure why i go out back half naked. today, i will use get the freak off spray.

      sorry, i don’t have the color version. just the black and white, straight from the cammy.

  2. I’m not even a photographer, yet I can definitely see the “it” in this shot.

    OMG….it’s freakin’ gorgeous, Val! I give you 10 stars for this one!

    First, I love that you shot this in black and white because it really accentuates the shadowing of the wood. Second, the ivy looks so sweet and delicate against the rough texture of the ladder. This photo actually speaks to me.

    Bellissima, girl!

    Thanks for sharing….X

    • v says:

      okay cool. but, really, i get static from my peeps because they don’t understand what the freak i’m taking a picture of. oh well. shrugs.

    • v says:

      sorry, i don’t have a color version. my camera would have produced a color version had i shot it in RAW and jpg, but i shot it in RAW format, so one photo per monochrome. RAW + jpg shot in monochrome would produce two photos. one in B&W and one in color.

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