Kiss Me


was trying to get a picture of me putting on lipstick. i guess i got it right because i planted one on the mirror. it’s bluzzy for a reason. on my way out the door. bye!

6 thoughts on “Kiss Me

    • v says:

      i have mad issues and aren’t you like the sweetest person ever, you said i have cheekbones! i was really laughing in the midst of my smooch cause, seriously, WTH?

      heck, i tried to get that picture in focus (manually) because auto focus kept focusing on the back of my big head, not the image in the mirror. i need a little practice and more time.

      this was my last photo of the night as fuh-get stared me in the face and i ran out the door like cinderella leaving my shoe behind.

      txs cg.

    • v says:

      mwah and backatcha, ron.

      and i’m going to kidnap you tomorrow. you think you’re going to work, but i’ll be in the bushes with a pillow case and duct tape. and you might want to wear a helmet when you leave your crib.

      oh if the FBI or missing persons bureau is reading, i’m just kidding. does anyone at the FBI have a sense of humor. it’s an inside joke. step inside, aaiiiiggght!

      warm and cozy now?

    • v says:

      I didn’t know I had cheekbones until cg told me. Now every once in a while I touch my cheeks to make sure they are still there. I hope I’m losing weight in my face. Must get rid of my double chin.

      I’ll save the left cheek for ya!

      V Sent from my iPod Touch

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